CCOP Social Impact Assessment Survey

Social Impact Assessment and Community Consultation
Umwelt Australia are preparing a detailed Social Impact Assessment (SIA), as a part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Cadia Continued Operations Project (CCOP) and value feedback from the community.  

The SIA is one of a number of technical studies being undertaken to inform the design of the Project and also includes a comprehensive community engagement program. Umwelt will be consulting with neighbouring landholders and other key stakeholders with regards to your:
  • Level of awareness and interest in Cadia’s operations, and the Cadia Continued Operations Project more specifically
  • Understanding and experience of Cadia’s existing operational impacts
  • Identification of positive and negative impacts associated with the CCOP
  • Ideas about how the Project could better manage and/or enhance impacts
  • Current community needs, issues, and challenges in the region

Confidentiality and Anonymity
Participation is completely voluntary and you may remain anonymous if you choose. All information you provide is confidential and will only be used in aggregated/deidentified form in analyses and reporting.  
Key aspects of the CCOP include:
  • The CCOP provides long-term continuation of mining operations.
  • Proposed construction of a new Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) to the south of the current Southern TSF, to allow capacity for storage of tailings produced beyond the existing approved mine life.
  • Proposed additional off-site water storage to provide enhanced security of water supply to the mine
  • Options for realignment of public roads
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